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When I first made "Gary's Godzilla Zone," I originally didn't intend on adding a "Fan Section" to it, but after some requests, I decided to add one in. If you have any of your artwork, songs, or sounds you want to post, please e-mail me. Don't hesitate to! I don't judge on how good you are or anything like that, because I'm horrible at art too. Please note that it has to contain something with or related to Godzilla (Gamera is acceptable), and is your own original artwork. I can't post mp3s because NBCi doesn't allow it, even authorized ones. So if you have an mp3 of a band you have (that contains something Godzilla), please give me a link to your website or whatever.

Too Small Shoes

"Too Small Shoes," a band from the Austin area featuring singer/songwriter Robbie Doyen, drummer Hector del Toro, and bass player Shane Roch, who are big Godzilla fans. They have a tribute to the king of the monsters in their song "Radioactive." Visit their website to download the song. You can even buy a CD from them if you like their music a lot. "Smart, fun, sexy music that you might dig."

A very awesome picture of Godzilla by Mark Draper, inspired by Gabe Mclintosh's artwork! Click on the picture to the left for a much larger version of this cool picture!
A Godzilla fan, who obviously can't wait for GMK to come out, drew up a very cool poster for the movie. It contains nice shots of Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Orga, and Megaguirus! Click on the picture for a (very) large version of this picture!