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Gary's Godzilla Zone
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Son of Godzilla

2 1/2 Tohos

Plot: WARNING!: I Tell the Endings!

A team of scientists are conducting weather controlled experiments on the remote island of Sollgel. A reporter named Goro drops off of a helicopter. The scientists tell him to leave, but Goro insists on staying. The scientists let him stay and give him work to do. Later on, Goro sees a girl and reports it to the scientists, but the scientists don't believe him. They start to conduct the weather control experiments, but something goes wrong with the machine and it creates a radioactive storm.

After the storm, the scientists find giant praying mantises around the island. They increased in size due to the radioactivity. Goro names them Gimantis (later known as Kamacuras). The Gimantises come across an egg that creates radio interference. They stab at the egg, and finally break the shell. The creature that comes out of the shell is a baby Godzilla (later to be known as Minya). The Gimantises attack the creature until Godzilla comes and kills all but one of them. Godzilla brings the baby Godzilla back to his home. He teaches it how to breath radioactive fire, and he also protects him from the one Gimantis left on the island.

Goro finds the girl he saw before and brings her back to the scientists. He finds out her name is Rico, and that her father was a scientist that studied the island before. Rico warns the scientists about a giant spider named Spiega whose web could only be destroyed by heat. She also helps most of the scientists overcome a fever from red water that is located where Godzilla and his son live.

Gimantis chases Rico the next day and knocks her out. Minya shows up and tries to fight it. Then Godzilla shows and chases Gimantis off. Goro comes along and wakes up Rico. They head back for the base until they awaken Speiga. Speiga chases them back and blocks them and the scientists in with his web. The scientists decide to freeze the whole island with the weather control machine.

Speiga meets up with Minya and wraps him up in his web. Gimantis flies by and Speiga catches him too, and kills him with a poisonous barb. He goes for Minya with the poisonous barb too, until Godzilla shows up and throws a rock at him. He lets Minya free and starts to attack Speiga.

The scientists' weather control machine works and the island starts to freeze. They head for the beach, where they are picked up by a submarine. Godzilla and Minya finally kill Speiga by burning him with their fire breath. The island soon becomes too cold and Godzilla and his son cuddle up. They begin to hibernate and will wake up when the island gets warmer.

This is a pretty goofy Godzilla movie, yet pretty fun to watch. Godzilla doesn't really destroy too many buildings, he just does some funny fights with Gimantis and Speiga, and takes care of his son. There were many funny parts in here, including Minya getting hit in the head a lot with rocks and Godzilla's tail. The scenes are very colorful. The snow fight at the end between Speiga, Godzilla, and Minya is a very cool scene to watch. At the end of the movie, when you see the snow shin-deep on Minya, you wonder how deep the snow one the island actually is? Scenes from this movie are later shown in "Godzilla's Revenge," and "Godzilla vs. Gigan."

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