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Godzilla's Revenge

Godzilla-Minua-Gabara: All Monsters Attack

Rubber Chicken (Plus Two Sympathy Tohos)

Plot: WARNING!: I Tell the Endings!

Godzilla and SonIchiro is a young boy bothered by a bully named Gabara. His parents are always working for long-hours are are never able to see him too much. A local toy maker takes care of Ichiro while his parents are out. Ichiro has a great passion for Godzilla. He imagines himself traveling to Monster Island and watching all the monsters. In his dream, he falls through a hole while being chased by Gimantis. Minya, Godzilla's son, puts down a rope and brings Ichiro up. Minya, who is at that time Ichiro's height, talks to him (yes, that's right, talk!). Minya describes how he is bullied by a monster named Gabara.

Meanwhile, bank robbers are on the run. Ichiro wakes up and is chased by Gabara into an abandoned building. One of the bank robbers, while hiding, drops his drivers' license. Ichiro picks it up and walks away. The bank robbers are afraid that Ichiro might report them to the police, so they capture him. Ichiro falls asleep again and meet up with Minya on Monster Island. They Minya and Ichirowatch Godzilla fight many monsters, via stock footage from previous Godzilla movies. Minya meets up with Gabara, the monster, miraculously grows, and fails to defeat him with his smoke ring breath. Godzilla tries to teach him how to breath the fire breath. Ichiro wakes up, and later on falls asleep again. He finds Minya fighting with Gabara once again. Godzilla and Minya both fight Gabara and get him to retreat back into the woods.

Ichiro wakes up once again and escapes from the bank robbers by setting small traps and spraying fire extinguishers at them. The police arrest them both and Ichiro is proclaimed a hero. He later meets up Gabara who picks on him. Learning from Godzilla and Minya that he must be brave, he fights Gabara and wins. Gabara later becomes his friend, and is never picked on again.


Gabara ZapConsidered by many fans the worst Godzilla movie ever made (yet Godzilla fans also consider this movie better than "Godzilla '98"). It's not as bad as I've read in other Godzilla movie reviews, but then again, maybe it is to some fans. This movie was quite obviously made for children. The only time when Godzilla exists is in Ichiro's imagination. There is not part where he exists in real life. Also, Minya talks. This is nothing like the conversation between Angilas and Godzilla in "Godzilla vs. Gigan." Minya talks fluently, and sounds unusually close to Barney (seriously). The parts where bank robbers chase Ichiro remind me so much of "Home Alone." I'm not saying that "Godzilla's Revenge"Oh Boy is a ripoff of "Home Alone" (I'm not that stupid), I'm saying that maybe "Home Alone" is a ripoff of "Godzilla's Revenge!" (just kidding). I know older Godzilla fans don't like to watch this movie by themselves too much on their free time, but for children, it's perfect! I remember I watched this with my little cousin (who was 6 at the time), who is also a G-fan. He was totally mesmerized. He loved everything about it! He liked the little character Ichirio a lot, because he was close to his age, he laughed during the slapstick burglar scenes, and watched in awe as Minya was talking to Ichiro. I even noticed him admiring one of my Godzilla toys and probably imagining himself in Ichiro's place. So if you have a young Godzilla fan, this movie is perfect! If you're an older Godzilla fan, and always end up in intensive care after watching anything made their children, avoid it!

Photos above are from my own video capture.