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Godzilla vs. Mothra

Mothra vs. Godzilla

5 Tohos

Plot: WARNING!: I Tell the Endings!

A giant egg washes ashore during a hurricane. A news reporter named Sakai and his photographer Junko take pictures of the accident from the hurricane. They then ask a scientist named Professor Miura questions about the egg while he is studying it, but refuses to answer their questions. A few minutes later, an entrepreneur of Happy Enterprises named Kumayama buys the egg from the fishermen who claimed that the egg drifted into their waters. Instead of letting scientists study the egg, Kumayama makes it into a tourist attraction. Sakai and Junko, along with Professor Miura believe that Kumayama has no right to keep the egg.

Sakai later finds out that a man named Torahata is the man "behind the scenes" of Kumayama and Happy Enterprises. Two small twin girls arrive in Torahata's hotel room while he and Kumayama are discussing plans for the egg. They tell Torahata and Kumayama that the egg belongs to Mothra, who lives on Mothra Island (later called "Infant Island"). Torahata and Kumayama don't listen to them and see the two little girls as another great opportunity for making money. They try to capture them, but the two girls escape.The two girls then go up to Sakai, Junko, and Professor Miura and beg them to bring back the egg too. Sakai, Junko, and Professor Miura try as hard as they could to get the egg back to Mothra Island, but all fails.

While Sakai, Junko, and Professor Miura are looking for radioactivity on an industrial area, Godzilla pops out of some sand and begins to attack the surrounding cities. The Editor of Sakai's newspaper discusses with he and Junko about how to defeat Godzilla. Jiro, who loves to eat eggs a lot, walks in and thinks that they should go to Mothra Island and try to ask Mothra for assistance against Godzilla. Sakai, Junko, and Professor Miura travel with each other to Mothra Island and ask the people there for assistance. The chief of the tribe refuses because the Japanese government did nuclear testing on their island, and they didn't return Mothra's egg back to them. Sakai, Junko, and Professor Miura finally convince the people to ask Mothra for help. The two twin girls that visited them before tells them that Mothra will help them, but it is dying and doesn't have too much power left.

The next day, Godzilla shows up and destroys the hotel where Kumayama and Torahata are in. Both are killed. Then when Godzilla is about to destroy Mothra's egg, Mothra shows up. The two fight each other for a while until Godzilla uses his fire breath on Mothra's face and wings. Mothra dies right next to the egg. Godzilla walks off and the military try to use two operations to kill Godzilla by using artificial lightning. Both operations fail and they evacuate the area.

The two twins, by using annoying singing, get the egg to hatch. Not one, but two mothra larvae come out and follow Godzilla to Iwa Island. The Mothra larvae use a cocoon spray (or silly string) to wrap Godzilla up. Godzilla struggles and then falls into the ocean. The Mothra larvae then return to their island.

Considered by many fans the best Godzilla movie ever made, and yet I agree with them. This movie was a much better improvement over the last movie "King Kong vs. Godzilla." The buildings look very realistic, but the tanks still look like the toy tanks they were, but hey, who cares. If you people want to know which Godzilla movie in the classic series has the best special effects (besides "Godzilla, King of the Monsters), it's this one. If you're not that big of a Godzilla fan, or you just started liking Godzilla, you might not like this movie too much because of how fake the tanks look, but you'll eventually get used to seeing that. The dubbing in this movie is very good, and there are quite a lot of funny jokes here and there. The Godzilla suit looks very cool and actually, one of my personal favorites. Many of the footage you see here is later used in the lower budget (aka the very cheap looking) Godzilla movies in the late '60's and '70's. When I first saw this movie during a Godzilla marathon when the adult Mothra was winning against Godzilla, I kept on saying "No, no no!" But after I saw Godzilla kick his butt, I said the opposite. The problem with Godzilla in this movie, is that he happens to fall a lot. I nicknamed him "Klutzilla" (sorry for the bad joke) in this movie. Hey, I know it may not be that funny, but I tried, ok? One interesting thing to note is that there is one Godzilla scene that was made in the U.S., and wasn't released in the Japanese version. The part was when Americans (obviously) came in battleships and launched "Frontier Missiles" at Godzilla. This is the last classic Godzilla movie in which Godzilla is considered "bad" through the whole movie.

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