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Godzilla X Megaguirus

Godzilla X Megaguirus

This will be the second movie for Toho's planned Godzilla trilogy. It will not be a direct sequel to Godzilla 2000: Millennium, but a stand-alone movie like many of the movies from the Heisei Series. Godzilla's new foe, obviously, is yet another big bug introduced into the Godzilla series, named Megaguirus. Megaguirus will have many forms during his development. One will be a larval stage, named Meganulon. Meganulon first appeared in the Toho movie Rodan (1956), but was later eaten up by Rodan when he hatched from an egg. Meganulon will thrive in Japanese subways and attack people. Meganulon will later multiply and change into Meganula, giant dragonflies. These dragonflies will attack Godzilla in a huge swarm to try and devour its energy. One of the Meganula will become a giant bug (Megaguirus) that no big bottle of Off spray can prevent!

Godzilla will have attacked Japan in previous years. 1954, 1966, and 1995, but none of the movies that were made in these years never existed, including the original (a big surprise). In 1954, Godzilla survived, he wasn't killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, or anything like that. Some shots from the original movie will be redone with the new Godzilla suit.

If you don't know much about this movie yet, then you're probably wondering what the "'G' Extermination Command" means in the title. The Japanese military will develop a new weapon called the "Dimension Tide." The Dimension Tide creates a man-made black hole that will be made to suck in Godzilla to another universe. I don't think Japanese taxpayers will be too happy if the weapon fails. A new aircraft will also be in this movie. It will be called the "Gryphon." Godzilla X Megaguirus was released in Japanese theaters on December 16. Because of the GMK hype now, and the fact that this movie did not do so well in Japanese box-offices, this movie will unfortunately, probably be forgotten. This movie will not be released in American theaters, but most likely, it will eventually be released on video and DVD.

Ever since its first attack in Tokyo, monster king Godzilla has destroyed Japanese cities that lay in its path in search for energies that fill its appetite. Soon, it became Japan's top national priority to develop a source of 'clean energy' that would not stir up Godzilla's appetite. In 1996, the Clean Energy Factory led by Motohiko Sugiura (Masatou Ibu) developed a new plasma power generator in metropolis Osaka. The success seemed guaranteed - but, not for long. Godzilla appeared again, and demolished the entire power plant. Members of a special combat unit risked their lives in this doomed fight. One of the members, Kiriko Tsujimori (Misato Tanaka) tried to load shell in the rocket launcher. But while she was desperately trying to stop her hands from shaking, her much respected commander - Takuya Miyagawa (Toshiyuki Nagashima) lost his life under the falling concrete debris of the power plant.

Now, in the year 2001, Kiriko leads the 'G-Graspers' - a special anti Godzilla unit in the 'G-Command', which is a new division created in the Ministry of Defense after the destruction of metropolice Osaka. Her sole purpose of life now is to exterminate Godzilla. She has powerful support from a physicist Yoshino Yoshizawa (Yuriko Hoshi). The plan is to wipe out Godzilla completely as simply killing it merely creates hazardous radiation leakage. The best solution, therefore, is to create an artificial 'black hole' which will suck in everything into another universe. The difficulty is to reduce the size of the weapon to 2 meters in diameter - a size small enough to be carried on a satellite. A young inventor has the answer. Hajime Kudo's (Shousuke Tanihara) long and hard working days produce the ultimate weapon: the Dimension Tide.

Tests continue on the operation of the man-made black hole. One day, Yoshizawa and the team accidentally causes the black hole to create a distortion in the time dimension. An uninvited intruder comes through this hole. An ancient giant larval 'Meganulon' finds a new home in modern Japan. Meganulons need water to grow. So they find water veins under the city of Shibuya. They break the water veins, flood the city and use this newly formed lake in Shibuya to multiply and grow. As the swarm grows, humans become their favorite targets. But this was only the beginning. As the Meganulons metamorphose into adult Meganulas, they get attracted to Godzilla's enormous power. They attack Godzilla to suck in its energy and inject it into their special larva that would become a gigantic dragonfly - a 60 meter long Megaguirus!! It is now Megaguirus's turn to attack Godzilla to devour its energy.

  • A three-way battle between Godzilla, Megaguirus and humans!
  • The battle for survival in Odaiba!
  • Can humans really exterminate Godzilla?
  • And....... is there a future for Japan!?
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