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Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

2 1/2 Rodans

Plot: Big Spoilers!

Masahiko and Keisuke Shimizu visit a local shrine where an ancient royal family live. The daughter, while singing, falls down and has visions of destruction by a monster. They then visit a cave and find a strange piece of metal on the ground. In another cave, Saeko, an archeologist, finds a statue of an ancient mythological creature named "King Caesar." She sees old hieroglyphic writing that translates to: "When a black mountain appears in the sky, a monster will come and try to take-over world." She later finds more hieroglyphics that says: "When the sun rises in the west, two monsters will appear, to try and save the people."

Saeko meets Keisuke, and Keisuke's uncle Professor Miyajima. While discussing the hieroglyphic writing, a man breaks in and tries to steal the statue, but is unsuccessful. While Saeko and Keisuke board a plane, they see a dark cloud that looks like a black mountain. Godzilla shows up, with a strange roar, and walks towards Tokyo, destroying buildings. Angilias shows up a little while after and starts to fight Godzilla. Keisuke finds it strange that Angilas is attacking him because Godzilla and Angilas were always allies. Godzilla rips out some of Angilas's organs, and Angilas retreats, never to be seen again in the Godzilla series. Keisuke finds another piece of the same metal he found in the cave before in the wreckage. Professor Miyajima concludes that the two pieces of metal is space titanium.

Godzilla goes to a nuclear plant and starts to destroy it. While Professor Miyajima, Saeko, and Keisuke watch it being destroyed, another Godzilla shows up. They both start to fight each other, until the one that attacked Tokyo and Angilas, is revealed to be made of space-titanium. The metal one, named Mechagodzilla, severely injures Godzilla and Godzilla is forced back into the ocean. Mechagodzilla, as Professor Miyajima finds out, is made by the Simeons. They studied for Godzilla for many years, and decided to create their own mechanized version to take over the world. The man that previously tried to steal the statue, was one of them.

Mechagodzilla shows up so he could take over the world. Keisuke, Masahiko, and Professor Miyajima notice that the sun is rising in the west. They go to the royal family's shrine, and put the statue on top of a pedestal. The statue creates a beam, and reveals the real King Caesar underneath some rocks. The daughter wakes him up by singing. King Caesar attacks Mechagodzilla, but is easily beaten' up by him. Godzilla shows up out on the shore. He and King Caesar destroy Mechagodzilla. The world is now saved, and won't go in the hands of the Simeons.


I'm not so sure how to make of this movie. I'm not saying it's bad, but I guess I should just say strange. Mostly with the human parts. The dubbing seems muffled, and hard to hear. Some of the camera motion makes you kind of dizzy. The music, to me, is kind of goofy. Many Godzilla fans love the score, so don't take my perception for granted. Actually, the more I listen to it, the more I'm starting to like it. In this movie, we get to see Godzilla possess another power we never knew of before. He can turn himself into a magnetic force! He uses it against Mechagodzilla to try and defeat him. Godzilla does most of the work on him, but at the end, the characters seem to give King Caesar all the credit. The most King Caesar ever did was get beat up, and smash his head against Mechagodzilla while Godzilla was holding him back. You may think this movie is good, but once you see the next movie, "Terror of Mechagodzilla," you'll think that his one is, well, pretty goofy. If you already saw "Terror of Mechagodzilla," and haven't seen this one yet, don't expect it to be much better. If you do expect much, you'll be bitterly disappointed. But anyway, it's a Godzilla movie, and most of us reading this are die-hard fans, so have fun! Just as long as it has Godzilla, it's a great movie already!

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