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Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
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Plot: WARNING!: I Tell the Endings!

Big GodzillaMechagodzilla SmashIn 1992, the United Nations created the U.N.G.C.C. (United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center), commonly known as "G-Force." They salvaged the wreckage of Mecha-King Ghidorah (from Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah), and gathered all the great minds in the world to create a super-weapon against Godzilla. They created the Garuda, but it was later considered junk (not to mention a waste of taxpayers' money) compared to the second weapon, Mechagodzilla.

Aoki who is part of the team for the Garuda, is transferred to G-Force, and ends up as one of the pilots for Mechagodzilla. He is not well liked by the captain of Mechagodzilla, and has a hard time training for him.

Professor Omae and his assistant Azusa Gojo find two pteranadon eggs on Adonoa Island. One of them is already hatched. They later see the hatched pteranadon fly overhead, but it is much bigger because it was around radioactive waste. Professor calls the pteranadon "Rodan" ("Radon" in Tri-Star's dubbed version for some strange reason. "Radon" is Rodan's Japanese name). Godzilla shows up on shore at the island and dukes it out with Rodan, which seems to be over the unhatched egg. Godzilla kills Rodan, and Professor Omae and Azusa escape from the island with the unhatched egg.

Big StrollRodan FightProfessor Omae notices that the egg turns red when Azusa is not around it. He believes that the creature inside the egg believes that Azusa is its mother. Aoki, whose hobby is pteranadons, comes in and steals a fern sample that was on the egg. While he is eating lunch next to Miki Saegusa at G-Force, she notices a weak signal coming from it. She gets psychic children to transfer the signal to a tape (God knows how this is even possible, but I guess we should just use out imagination), which seems to carry out music. Aoki and Miki bring the tape to Professor Omae. When they play it, a baby Godzilla emerges from what was believed the pteranadon egg.

Godzilla lands ashore and heads for Babygodzilla. Mechagodzilla is launched, with Aoki not there, and heads for Godzilla. When it seems that Mechagodzilla won the battle, Godzilla has a magnificent comeback, and almost completely destroys Mechagodzilla. Azusa, Aoki, Professor Omae, and Miki bring Babygodzilla to an isolated area so Godzilla won't kill them or the baby. Godzilla comes to their area, and then heads back to the ocean. Aoki gets in trouble with G-Force, and becomes head of the parking lot instead of a pilot in Mechagodzilla.

Mega Buster and PlasmaPeeved GodzillaAoki suggests to G-Force that they could attach the Garuda to the back of Mechagodzilla to make him more powerful, which they agree to. While studying Babygodzilla, G-Force also noticed another way to make Mechagodzilla more powerful. Powerful enough to kill Godzilla. They found out that Babygodzilla has a second brain in his spine. They developed the "G-Crusher" weapon, which will destroy it in Godzilla.

Azusa goes with Babygodzilla to lure Godzilla to Mechagodzilla. Rodan, though, becomes more powerful through a song that the psychic children sing. He develops a heat beam, and responds to a distress call sent by Babygodzilla. Mechagodzilla is sent to the scene and severely injures Rodan. Godzilla shows up on shore and fights with Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla then uses the G-Crusher against Godzilla. Godzilla yelps with pain, and dies. Rodan comes up and sacrifices Godzilla his remaining energy. Godzilla is revived and completely destroys Mechagodzilla with an even more powerful, reddish-orange heat beam. Babygodzilla then goes to his father and they return home. Although Mechagodzilla was very powerful, it wasn't powerful enough to destroy natural life.

Breath FightCool BreathI'd say that this movie has the best special effects out of the whole "Heisei" Series. Okay, they're not all totally good compared to today's standards, but good enough for 1993 (the year this was made). The beginning fight between Godzilla and Rodan has to be one of the best fight scenes ever made. The sound effects when Rodan pecks at Godzilla just makes you go "Ouch!" Mechagodzilla's weapons are very awesome. When you see the plasma grenade being fired at Godzilla, you wonder how he even survived it! Unfortunately after the first battle between Mechagodzilla and Godzilla, there are toy tanks and plastic, fake-looking missiles that are launched against Godzilla (they also never hit him too much). Akira Ifukube did the musical score and, as usual, its great. Anything Ifukube is.

This movies is the only movie in the whole Godzilla series where the military actually succeeds in killing Godzilla. In all of the previous movies, you would notice that the military didn't come even close. If you didn't read the story above, Rodan uses his own energy to bring Godzilla back alive. great. There are some visible strings on Rodan when he fights Godzilla, and flies, but most of time you don't notice it (or even care). I have the dubbed version of this movie. It is the best out of all the dubbing they did for the "Heisei" Series, but that still doesn't mean it's good. So as I've been saying in other movie reviews from the "Heisei" Series, get a subtitled version if you really care about the dubbing. Anyway, this movie is a very enjoyable one. Great musical score, action-packed monster brawls, just the right dosage that will pretty much please any Godzilla fan! (Sorry for a cheesy ending there) :-)

Photos above are from my own video capture.