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King Kong vs. Godzilla

King Kong vs. Godzilla

2 1/2 Tohos

Plot: WARNING!: I Tell the Endings!

Electricity WrestleGodzilla ClapA doctor of Pacific Pharmaceuticals discovered a new narcotic berry on a small island called Faro Island. He says that there are natives on the island that worship a large monster. He believes that the monster actually exists. Mr. Tako, who is head of Pacific Pharmaceuticals sends out two men, named Sakurai and Kinsaburo, to find the monster and use it in their television commercials.

Meanwhile, a U.N. submarine gets caught in an iceberg and see Godzilla break out of it. This is the same iceberg that Godzilla was caught in in the previous movie, Godzilla Raids Again. Godzilla heads for Tokyo (obviously) and attacks a military base. The government panics and their temporary plan is to drop an atom bomb on Godzilla.

Sakurai and Kinsaburo arrive on Faro Island and start their search for the monster, along with the natives there. Later that night a giant octopus attacks the village. King Kong, the name of Faro Island's god fights with the octopus and wins. King Kong drinks juice that's made from the same berries that the doctor from the pharmaceutical company discovered before. King Kong falls asleep and Sakurai and Kinsaburo put the monster on a large raft and transport it back to Japan. Mr. Tako later arrives on the ship. Then King Kong wakes up and escapes from the ship. He then meets up with Godzilla by a valley. Godzilla sprays his fire breath at Kong and Kong Sakurai and Kinsaburo retreats.

King Kong attacks Tokyo and holds a woman from the train hostage. Tako decides to use the berry juice to knock out King Kong. The plan worked. The Japanese government decides not to use the atom bomb and have both Godzilla and King Kong fight each other to their deaths. They transport King Kong using wire and balloons to Mt. Fuji and drop him off there. The next morning King Kong meets up with Godzilla. Both duke it out for a while. King Kong then starts to lose. Then a thunder storm comes by and makes Kong stronger. The monsters then fight some more and plunge into the sea. King Kong then comes out of the water and swims away to Faro Island. Godzilla never comes up.

This was the first Godzilla movie in color. The movie is actually a comedy, like the next film "Godzilla vs. Mothra," will be. I don't exactly judge the classic Godzilla movies by special effects because of the technology back then, but the ones in this movie were terrible. The matte shots were very poor and obviously the buildings looked totally like toys. There were also some fight scenes between King Kong and Godzilla in which puppets and dolls were used instead of the actors themselves. This looked pretty cheap. If you guys want to know which Godzilla movie has the worst special effects, it's this one. Godzilla looked cool while King Kong looked Wha?!?!Cool Breathextremely goofy. But hey, the goofiness of this film makes it a pretty good one though!

Toho changed Godzilla's overall appearance in this film. Instead of having four toes, as in the previous movies, Godzilla has three toes. The feet though look floppy though. I will later call this "Godzilla's floppy feet" in other parts of this website. One thing I really hated though was the added in cheesy American actors. The can't get their Godzilla facts straight at all. One thing one of the wormy actors said was, in an "I'm smart and better than you" look on his face: "... Godzilla must not be use to his new surroundings after being frozen for millions of years!" (may not be exact quote) Hey you jerk! Haven't you known that Godzilla just recently attacked Tokyo and Osaka? Geez! Also he steals his grandson's dinosaur book and demonstrates to us "dummies" that Godzilla is a "... combination of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Stegosaurus..." I didn't take Toho ratings of of this movie because of the cheesy, wormy American actors because I know that the American producers added these in. Besides the negative comments I put in, it's a very fun movie to watch. Probably because of the doofissness in it.

Photos above are from my own video capture.