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Godzilla vs. Gigan

Earth Destruction Directive: Godzilla Against Gigan

4 Tohos

Plot: WARNING!: I Tell the Endings!

Gigan WrestleGigan SliceGengo, a cartoonist, is having trouble finding a job. His girlfriend, a black belt in karate, suggests that he should work at the World Children's Land. The World Children's Land is an amusement park dedicated to all the monsters in the world. It even has a "Godzilla Tower," a life-size replica of Godzilla himself. He meets Kubota, head of the whole project. He finds it strange though that he says that he wants the place to have "perfect peace."

A couple of days later, he sees a girl run out the door of the World Children's Land Committee office and drop a tape on the ground. Kubota runs out too asking where the girl went. Gengo pointed in the wrong direction and picks up the tape the girl dropped. He later meets the girl at night when her Japanese hippy friend does a false mugging with an ear of corn. Gengo faints and is later brought back to the girl's house. Machiko, the girl's name, along with her friend, tell Gengo the whole story. Her brother Takeshi Shima is also on the World Children's Land Committee, and had acted very strange, and now hasn't come home. She also read his diary and saw that all the committee's plan is on tape. Gengo later retrieves the tape from a pay-locker he put it in, and finds nothing but strange noises on it. The sound wakes-up Godzilla and Angilas on Monster Island. Godzilla tells Angilas (yes you read that right) to investigate what is going on. Angilas arrives to shore, but is attacked by the military who thinks he is there to cause destruction. Angilas later retreats and returns to Monster Island.

Godzilla Drop KickGhidorah SpankGengo, while in the commitee's headquarters in the Godzilla Tower, finds Takeshi Shima locked up. Kubota interrupts him and tells him to get out of the tower. Gengo and his friends decide to make a plan to rescue Takeshi Shima. Gengo and his girlfriend are caught while rescuing him. Kubota reveals to them that they are actually large, intelligent cockroaches from Nebula Spacehunter M that want to conquer Earth by using King Ghidorah, and a cyborg called Gigan. Gegno and his friends later manage to escape.

Gigan and King Ghidorah arrive at Earth, and attack Tokyo. Godzilla and Angilas arrive and duke it out with the other monsters for a while. Godzilla is brought to the Godzilla Tower, which shoots a deadly laser beam at him. When it seems Godzilla is finished, Gengo and his friends blow up the Godzilla Tower. Godzilla regains his strength and battles the two monsters along with Angilas. Gigan and King Ghidorah take too much pain and retreat back into outer space. Godzilla and Angilas look at the retreating monsters in triumph, and walk into the sunset.


WrassleHeart-to-Heart ChatYou may be wondering why there is a 4 Rodan rating, and a Roast Turkey rating. Well, the reason why is, to many Godzilla fans, this movie is one of the best ones, and to others, it stinks. Most Godzilla fans hate it. The only way I can predict your opinion is to give two different ratings. The reason why many fans hate this movie is because Godzilla and Angilas actually talk. The language is not exactly clear, and in my first reaction, I thought the two monsters were just talking gibberish with burp sounds in the background. Another (small) reason is, when King Ghidorah first appears, he's just a plastic, unmoving toy. A majority of the Godzilla fans would prefer the roast turkey rating, in case if that helps a bit. I don't judge the classic series Godzilla movies by special effects, because I know we didn't have good techniques back then, but he truly looks very, very sad. I managed to figure out what Godzilla and Angilas say in their first conversation, which is below.

Godzilla's First Words:

Godzilla: "Hey Angilas!"

Angilas: "What do you want?"

Godzilla: "Something funny going on [sic], you better check!"

Angilas: "Okay!"

Godzilla: "Hurry up!"


Second Conversation:

Godzilla: "Hey Angilas C'mon! There's A lot of trouble Ahead!"


Godzilla: "We must go that way!" (Points)

Angilas: "Okay!"

Victory ThingWalking into the SunsetIn the Japanese version of the movie, the conversation is just a bunch of comic word balloons, no talking. Near the end of the movie, you begin to notice that Godzilla's suit is falling apart! The suit had been used in the three previous films, and had definitely seen better days. A new suit is used in the next movie "Godzilla vs. Megalon." The fight scenes are very fun to watch. The Godzilla Tower looks pretty realistic, and its heat beam is pretty nice looking. When you see Godzilla getting mauled by the beam, sappy music begins to play and you think "Oh no! Godzilla's gonna' die!" After Gengo, the main character (just in case you weren't paying attention) blows up the tower, you pretty much let out a sigh of relief (hey, I'm a die-hard Godzilla fan! Laugh at me all you want!). I personally liked this movie very much, but like I said before, you may not. It all depends on your opinion. Use caution if you're only planning to collect Godzilla movies that you'll actually like. If you're planning to collect all the Godzilla movies ever made, like I did, then it doesn't matter at all. Stock footage from "Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster," "Godzilla vs. Mothra," "Godzilla vs. Monster Zero," "Destroy All Monsters," "Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster," and "Rodan" are seen in this movie. Some scenes are later shown in the next movie, "Godzilla vs. Megalon."

Photos above (and below) are from my own video capture.

Roach Roast

 No cockroaches were harmed in the making of this film