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Godzilla 2000: Millennium

Godzilla 2000 Millennium

 4 Tohos

Plot: WARNING!: I Tell the Endings!

Godzilla StrollYuji Shinoda, his daughter Io, and photojournalist Yuki Ichinose are working to track where Godzilla is going. Yuji is head of the GPN, the Godzilla Prediction Network. The Godzilla Prediction Network predicts Godzilla's appearance so there will be less damage and less loss of life. Godzilla soon rises out of ocean near Nemuro with a fishing boat in his mouth. Yuji drives towards Godzilla, and later meets up with him at the end of a tunnel. Yuki Ichinose takes many pictures in a panic, which upsets Godzilla. Yuji speeds away from Godzilla, who almost crushes the car with his feet. Yuji later observe Godzilla destroying a power plant and wonders if Godzilla is destroying the human energy sources on purpose.

Shiro Miyasaka, a scientist at the CCI (Crisis Control Intelligence Agency), finds a large meteorite under water. Mitsuo Katagiri, head of the CCI, and a man who wants to destroy Godzilla, decides to lift the meteorite out of the water. While the meteorite is being lifted, it ascends on its own and reaches the surface. Shiro begins to study the rock and believes that its a 60 million year old vessel from another galaxy. He later finds out that it is powered by the sun.

Godzilla vs. RockYuji disagrees with Katagiri that Godzilla should be destroyed, because Godzilla can't be destroyed. He should be studied, and could be full of many surprises. Godzilla shows up in Tokai Mura, near a nuclear power plant. Yuji and Katagiri meet there. The military shows up the next day and try to kill Godzilla with mines, tanks, helicopters, and a new missile that goes through Godzilla " crap through a goose!" (Sorry, couldn't resist. Line not in Japanese version). All of the weapons obviously don't work. The meteorite flies towards Godzilla. They observe him and blast him very far away with a heat beam weapon. Godzilla gets angry and tries to use his own heat breath to destroy the meteorite. He fails, but manages to reveal a the space vessel underneath the rock.

The aliens though, are fascinated by Godzilla, because of his great cell regeneration process (Regenerator G-1 as Yuji names it). They later believe that Godzilla is the dominant species of the planet.

OrgaThe UFO heads for Shinjuku, a district of Tokyo. It lands on top of one of the towers and tries to gather information on Godzilla through all of the computers. Yuki Ichinose tries to figure out what the aliens want through her laptop in the same building where the UFO is atop. Katagiri and the CCI put explosives in building to try and destroy the UFO. Yuji rushes in and kicks Yuki out and takes over in decoding what the aliens are after. Katagiri, who hates Yuji, learns of his presence in the building, and blows it up. The blast neither destroyed the UFO, or killed Yuji. The UFO blows up the rest of the building, still not killing Yuji. Yuji, along with Io and Yuki, go to where the CCI is. When he sees Katagiri, he says "Nice try a-----e." (U.S. version)

Small GGZ BannerGodzilla shows up on shore and heads towards the UFO, full of vengeance. The two fight for it for a while, and the UFO knocks Godzilla out by knocking over a building on top of him. The UFO begins to draw in Regenerator G-1 from Godzilla, so it can make a Godzilla clone. It creates a monster named Orga (short for "organism"). Godzilla wakes up, and meets up with his very cool looking attempted clone. Godzilla shoots his breath at the UFO, and shatters half of it off. Orga tries to kill Godzilla by teaming up with the UFO, and shooting a very powerful heat beam towards him. Godzilla destroys the UFO, and knocks out Orga. Orga later comes up again, and tries to draw more Regenerator G-1 from Godzilla. Eventually, Orga opens his mouth wide and tries to swallow Godzilla so he can become a clone. When Orga begins to draw spikes, Godzilla blows him up by using his body. Godzilla walks over to the CCI and spots Katagiri, who is very surprised Godzilla wasn't killed. He lets out a strong "Godzilla!" and Godzilla kills him by clawing up a part of the building. Godzilla walks back into the ocean, using up the rest of his anger by destroying some buildings. Yuki wonders "Why does Godzilla always protect mankind?" Yuji then answers "Maybe Godzilla is in every one of us."

Big BreathThis is the best Godzilla movie since the original. Wait a minute, I'd say it's the best Godzilla movie ever made! Everything about it is just great! After researching and getting very excited about this movie for over a year and a half, I had to see more than once in theaters. The dubbing by Tri-Star is a heck of a lot better than the "Heisei" Series Godzilla movies released on video! It's not perfect, but hey, nothing's perfect, and no need to let it destroy your enjoyment of the movie (unless it's the dubbed version of "Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla"). The special effects, which every knit-picky American Non-Godzilla fan seems to care about, I'd say is the best so far. The shots of Godzilla attacking Nemuro are just absolutely awesome. You get a sense of Godzilla's power, the way it should've been in Tri-Star's remake two years ago. The scenes where Godzilla is attacked by tanks and steel missiles are totally awesome! No more toy tanks, and no more toy model missiles that don't fire correctly like in the "Heisei" series! The tanks are real, and the missiles are CGI. You can't help but say "wow" when you see Godzilla get smacked by these. The shots during the second half, when Godzilla is walking towards the UFO seemed a bit rushed. I don't mTastes Like Chickenean the model work, I just mean some of the green-screen shots. If they were worked on more or touched up a bit in these parts, then it would be perfect. The model work, by the way, is beautiful! Even the miniature cars look real! Orga is the best looking monster foe yet! Although I liked Godzilla's appearance very much in the movie, I began to like Orga's appearance even more! Toho did a great job with the fight scenes between them. They don't last as long as some of the final battle scenes in previous movies, but they're still cool! They forgive the bad green-screening shots from before.

Godzilla 2000 was what Godzilla '98 wasn't. Although Godzilla's appearance was changed dramatically, he still is in his recognizable form. Walking upright with tail dragging behind, totally indestructible, spikes on back, and of course, his fire breath. TriStar changed Godzilla way too much in its own version, and was miserably unpopular even with Godzilla fans. It only says that you can't make the original better. The original will always be better, no matter what somebody does to it, and no matter what it is. Godzilla, fruit snacks, fried apricots, anything. Although Toho may make some improvements to Godzilla, that's different.

Photos From My Own DVD Capture.

Notable Changes in American Version of Godzilla 2000

All of the lines that critics spent their time butchering in most of their reviews of "Godzilla 2000," in fact, did not come from the Japanese version. After watching the Japanese version, I took down some notes of most of the changed lines that I saw. So if you crouch down in embarassment each time after hearing those lines, don't worry, here are the original ones that you can keep in mind the next time you see "Godzilla 2000." If you see any errors I might have made (because sometimes subtitles have different lines), just e-mail me.

  • "...Imbecile": was "Old Maid," said only once.
  • "Well I didn't say we'll get our hair mussed": "I have taken that into consideration."
  • "They'll go through Godzilla like crap through a goose!": They'll go through Godzilla no matter how tough he is!"
  • (In a cheesy voice) "That can mean only one thing! Godzilla!": The mines laid by the Marine corps. It must be Godzilla."
  • "Did you see that flying rock go by?! That was amazing!": "What was that huge flying object? If only it hadn't come."
  • "Let's just hope it's friendly!": "Is that why it discarded it's original body?"
  • "I'll Send Flowers": Just said the previous line: "This is the last day for your network!"
  • "Quit your bitchin'!": "Stop Complaining!"
  • "Pain in the Ass!": "They're a headache!"
  • "Great Ceasar's Ghost!": "Look!"
  • "This is the end of our civilization! And it's all my fault?!": "This whole thing can be terminal!"
  • "Nice try asshole!": "Somehow I managed to survive!"
  • "Why does Godzilla always protect us?": "It was us human beings that created this monster."
  • "Maybe, there's a little Godzilla in every one of us.": "Godzilla is in ourselves, in everybody's mind."

There are tons more lines too. A few important scenes to the storyline were cut out too. For example, after CCI saw the smoke drift away from the UFO, it had sent a slide show some computers nearby, showing words basically saying they are going to take over the Earth and such. See below for most of the lines I was able to get. It was a nice dramatic scene, which gave the movie a little deeper meaning to it, and it made a little more sense on why they blew up the building afterwords. When you watch this movie subtitled, the movie is so good with the Japanese acting, that you don't even care about the special effects! That is how good the movie is.

Erase Suppression Dominate Prosperity Opulence Revolution Kingdom

I was very dissapointed after seeing that all of the cheesy lines were made by TriStar. Toho was intending on erasing Godzilla's campy past, but it seems that TriStar wanted Godzilla to keep that reputation. Godzilla's reputation had already been greatly damaged by Godzilla '98. I guarantee, had this been out a couple of years before, the movie would have been more popular, and would've lasted more than 2 weeks in theaters.