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Godzilla vs. Biollante
 Godzilla vs. Biollante

4 1/2 Rodans

Plot: WARNING!: I Tell the Endings!

BiollanteAfter Godzilla fell into Mount Mihara in 1985, a group of scientists find some of Godzilla's skin that fell off during his attack on Tokyo. Another group of scientists from the American Corporation Biomajor, have a gun fight with the scientists, and snatch the Godzilla skin sample from them. When the fight is over, a man from the Republic of Saradia kills the men from Biomajor, and takes the skin sample back home.

Dr. Shiragami works in a genetic engineering place in the Republic of Saradia. He wants to use the Godzilla cells to develop a new kind of wheat that can be grown in the desert. Soon though, a bomb explodes in his lab. Dr. Shiragami's daughter, Erica, is killed in the blast. Five years later, Shirigami is now living in Japan. He believes that his daughter's spirit is in a batch of roses. He asks two psychics named Asuka Okouchi, and Miki Saegusa to try and analyze the roses. Miki doesn't pick up anything, but later on, she hears someone call Asuka's name.

Biollante YumStrange things are occurring at Mount Mihara. Back at the ESP building, Miki Saegusa finds out that the psychic children there are having dreams of Godzilla. She goes in a helicopter above Mount Mihara, and finds out that Godzilla is alive in there. People are skeptical though, because Miki is a psychic, and it's not scientifically proven that Godzilla is in the volcano.

The volcano explodes, and breaks the tank where Erica's roses were in. Shiragami is afraid that Erica will die if he doesn't do anything. He asks to borrow some Godzilla cells from a local bio-lab. He then combines the rose cells, and Godzilla cells to immortalize Erica. Days later though, the plant mutates, and escapes from Shiragami's lab. The plant grows, and travels to a nearby lake. Mikia Saegusa and Asuka realize that the plant has Erica's spirit in there. Shiragami calls the plant, "Biollante."

Scientists have developed a new kind of weapon that can stop Godzilla's attacks: Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria (ANEB). Biomajor wants a piece of the pie, and threatens to release Godzilla from Mount Mihara, if the scientists do not give the ANEB at a certain time. All fails though (of course), and Godzilla heads for Osaka. The military released it's new multi-capability aircraft: the Super-X2, a sort of sequel to the Super-X used in Godzilla 1985. The Super-X2 tries to fight Godzilla, but it gets damaged, and has to return to the base. Biollante "calls" for Godzilla. Erica's spirit is not present in it anymore. Biollante attacks Godzilla, but it can't withstand Godzilla's heat breath. It is destroyed, but some of it manages to escape in the form of yellow dust (you'll see what I mean once you see it).

Godzilla attacks Osaka the next day. The scientists recover the ANEB, so they can use it against Godzilla. The military shoots some of the ANEB in Godzilla, including one shot in the mouth. The bacteria is not working thought. Shirigami suggests that Godzilla's temperature is too low, so the bacteria won't work as quickly. The military decides to use a weapon system that creates lightning, to raise Godzilla's temperature. As Godzilla fights the military later on, Biollante comes back in a much larger, meaner form. After the creatures duke it out for a while, Godzilla can't withstand the ANEB, and heads back into the ocean. The terrorist that stole the Godzilla cells in the beginning of the movie, shoots and kills Dr. Shirigami. The terrorist though, is killed by the lightning system used against Godzilla. Godzilla is seen walking back into the sunset, hopefully never seen by human eyes again.

One word to describe this movie: different. You may ask, "what's so different about this movie?" I say: "Everything." Starting right when you have terrorists fighting for Godzilla cells, spying, an awesome new Godzilla foe (the best looking in my opinion), and the introduction of the character Miki Saegusa (Megumi Odaka). Miki Saegusa plays a psychic who is found in the rest of the "Heisei" Series Godzilla movies. The special effects are very nice, if it weren't for at least two scenes cut out (which weren't important to the plot), this movie would have been perfect. There are some very cool angles that Toho shot with Cobra helicopters attacking Godzilla, the Super-X2, and some very, very cool shots of Godzilla's mouth where his tounge "wiggles" around. The Super-X2 was definately a major improvement over the original. Instead of reaching top speeds of 3mph, it can go at the speed of Mach 1! :-) There is also one more flaw with this movie: the final battle between Godzilla and Biollante is too quick. It reminds me of the short final battle between King Ghidorah, and all the other Toho monsters in Destory All Monsters. But don't make this not enjoy your movie! Even after you're begging for more fighting, you'll still enjoy it completely (and watch it over again, trying to see if the final finale seems to last a little longer). This movie is action-packed, and perfect to watch on a summer night!

Photos From "Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla" DVD