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Toho Company, Ltd.I originally started "Gary's Godzilla Zone" during the summer of when I was going into 8th grade (1998). I was very interested in making a webpage at that time, but I didn't know what to make one of. One day, during the "Godzilla 1998" craze, I looked on the web, and found the page "Barry's Temple of Godzilla." I surfed around it for a few days, when all of a sudden the idea popped in my head: "Why not make a Godzilla webpage?" (Thank you Barry!) I looked on other websites to gather some pictures, when on some it said: "These pictures are copyrighted. Any illegal use is expressively prohibited." Scared as I was of getting sued, I decided to use an old video capture card on my 16MHz Macintosh LC to capture some shots of the Godzilla movies I owned (I didn't own much). I managed to capture many of the movies I owned. I went on a Godzilla movie buying craze. After I watched them with my dad at night, I would video capture them the next day. I started to really go on a roll. I made buttons, and banners, and posted my video captures on certain pages. It looked great to me, but nothing like the page you see now. I forgot to put all of my Godzilla On a Stickresources in one folder, so if I were to upload it then, many images would missing, and all you would get would be big blank images with question marks on them. I also copied and pasted many of my images from different programs, so most of the pictures that were supposed to be in millions of colors would only be in 256. I was using a Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs which only had 256 colors maximum, so I couldn't tell the difference. As you can tell, I wasn't very web experienced either. Then one day, I totally lost interest in constructing "Gary's Godzilla Zone." I also didn't have too much hard drive space left too, so I threw the entire project out.

The next summer, I gained interest in reviving "Gary's Godzilla Zone." I didn't do much work on it, but it was a start. Throughout the school year I would do major construction on my free time. I thought of new banners and logos, and different ideas that made the website much more better than the original "Gary's Godzilla Zone." I had got a new video capturing system, so I could capture bigger, and higher quality pictures. I wrote more, and longer movie reviews, with the video captures added into it. That spring, I bought Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster, and I owned every Godzilla movie ever made. The "Gary's Godzilla Zone" Banner was tweaked many times. Then in November of 2000, I gave "Gary's Godzilla Zone" a face-lift. That "face-lift" is the website you see today! On December 2, 2000, although the website wasn't complete, I decided to upload it. I had about 70MB worth of stuff. It took me exactly 7 hours to upload the entire website, unfinished.

"Gary's Godzilla Zone" started off with a very horrible start. My webhosting service (NBCi) was experiencing major problems, so it took about 10 miniutes for the site to load just the text (even on high-speed internet modems)! After a few days, my site was claimed "not found or temporarily unvaliable" on my service. A week later, the site worked, and loaded just fine. Then the next day, again, the site was "not found or temporarily unvaliable." I was seriously considering to move my site or to get rid of it again, but my service fixed all the problems, and "Gary's Godzilla Zone" finally worked for good. A few days later though, my FTP client (an application used for uploading websites) didn't work, but this was easily solved a week later by just downloading another FTP client.

My site never got too many hits the first month. Most of the hits were either of myself or my relatives. I submitted my link to "AnDy's Palace of Godzilla," my other favorite Godzilla site, and "Godzilla Tower," where they were both accepted. It helped increase traffic just a little. Then I submitted my link to "Dray's Godzilla Hut." Dray invited my to join his "Terror of Godzilla Webring," which I joined, and made my site "Website of the Month" on his links page. I instantly got 30 hits the next day. I then submitted my link to "Monster Zero Godzilla News," and the "Godzilla Index to Kaiju Direct!" Both were accepted. Then websites such as "Zillafunk Video," "Godzilla's Corner," and "The Kaiju Museum" asked if they could put my link on their page. The last page I submitted it to was "Godzilla-Net" and it was also accepted

Very Old Banner

One of the original prototype banners I had for "Gary's Godzilla Zone." (Seriously)

Less Old Banner

A major facelift during my second project.

Lesser Old Banner

Tweaked just a little

The Debut Banner

The Debut Banner (December 2, 2000 - January 17, 2001)

The Least Old Banner

The Flasy Banner (January 17, 2001 - June 22, 2001)