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Rodan Attacks Tokyo
Status: Enemy/Ally
Height: 50 meters (164 feet)
Wingspan: 120 meters (394 feet)
Mass: 16,500 tons
Powers/Weapons: Flies at Mach 1.5, wings create sonic booms
Fight Record: 3-1-1
Premier Movie: Rodan (1956)
Godzilla Movies: Ghidirah, the Three Headed Monster (1964), Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (1965), Destroy All Monsters (1968), Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993)

Rodan premiered in Toho's first color monster movie Rodan in 1956. In Rodan, there were originally two Rodans, and not one. Miners dug through the Earth and reveiled two eggs from the prehistoric age. Both eggs hatched, and two Rodans dug their way out of the ground to terrorize Japan. Their immense flying speed created sonic booms, turning everything in their path to rubble. The Rodans attacked Tokyo, and later retreated when the military became too much for the two pteranadons. Both Rodans were then lead to the hot lava spewing out of Mount Aso. One of the Rodans fell into the lava, while one of them remained flying. Since the two Rodans were in love, the second Rodan dived into the lava, dying along with its mate.

RodanOne of the Rodans survived (it is unknown whether it was the male of female), as it was reveiled in Ghidirah, the Three Headed Monster. Rodan and Godzilla met, and duked it out with each other for a majority of the movie. Then, Mothra came along and brought peace to the monsters, and asked them to help the humans defeat King Ghidirah. From that film on, Rodan remained Godzilla's closest ally, next to Anguirus.

In 1993, Rodan came back in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, as an enemy to Godzill again. Godzilla and Rodan both fought over a Godzilla egg that was placed in Rodan's nest. Godzilla killed Rodan, but Rodan was later revived by music sung by psychic children. The music gave Rodan a uranium heat beam that came from his mouth. He then became known as "Fire Rodan." Rodan then fought Mechagodzilla and became badly wounded. Godzilla then came to fight Mechagodzilla, but was then killed by the new "G-Crusher" weapon Mechagodzilla possessed. As Rodan was dying, he flew towards Godzilla, and sacrificed all of his energy to Godzilla. Godzilla came back alive and then destroyed Mechagodzilla.