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Status: Ally
Height: 13-18 meters (43-59 feet)
Mass: 1,980 - 3,300 tons
Powers/Weapons: Smoke ring, atomic ray when tail is stepped on
Fight Record: 3-2-1
Godzilla Movies: Son of Godzilla (1967), Destroy All Monsters (1968), Godzilla's Revenge (1969)

Smoke RingGodzilla's infamous son. One of the monsters that Godzilla fans love to hate, most of the time. Minya, also known as Minilla and Minira, premeired in the goofy Godzilla movie, Son of Godzilla. Minya was born from an egg on Sollgel Island, while being attacked by three Kamacuras. Godzilla came along and fried two of the Kamacuras. Godzilla raised Minya, though he rather would have slept, as seen in Son of Godzilla, and taught him how to be, well, Godzilla. Minya, though, never mastered the atomic heat ray. Instead, he blew smoke rings at his enemies, which weren't quite as effective as the heat ray. Whenever Godzilla stepped on Minya's tail, Minya would let out an atomic heat ray. Minya and Godzilla both engaged in battles between the last Kamacuras, and Kumonga (a.k.a. "Spiega"), the giant, deadly spider. Minya participated in the final brawl between the Toho monsters and King Ghidorah. Minya delivered the final blow to King Ghidorah by blowing a smoke ring around the middle head.

Minya's last appearance was in the infamous Godzilla's Revenge, which is considered by many Godzilla fans as the worst Godzilla movie ever made (besides Godzilla '98). If you've ever wanted to know where the roots of Barney came from, well, Godzilla's Revenge, is possibly it. Minya talks (yes, talks) in a Barney-like voice to Ichiro. Minya and Ichiro become great friends, and, together, they watch stock footage from previous Godzilla movies around Monster Island, and fight off the evil Gabara. Minya's last appearance was in Godzilla vs. Gigan, via stock footage from Son of Godzilla for a short period of time.